Your Daily Dose
Of Immunity

Reishi, the #1 ingredient used by ancient herbalists as the "mushroom of immortality" is now available to you as a medicinal compound of synergistic ingredients: Organic Licorice, Ginger & Piperine.

Where East
Meets West

We recognize the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine & believe in its holistic approach to self-care, where mind, body and spirit work together with tradition & science towards optimal health.

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A WholisticApproach To Health

Our journalism team shares everything you need to know about optimal health; where mind, body and spirit unite. Your source for nourishment, inspiration, knowledge & joy.

The Magic
Of Reishi Oil

Medicinal mushroom REISHI is rooted in Chinese medicine, revered for its effects on the molecular level to improve your internal pharmacy, helping you to ward off & fight infections & reduce stress.


A 12 module online course with all the basics of TCM

Words ofWisdom

So Far Love it! I love that these drops do not contain alcohol or oil, just pure organic ingredients. Powerful and effective for stress relief!

Marta S.

I don't like mushrooms and never thought I would ever drink a mushroom tea. Believe me, it does not taste like mushrooms. Tastes like iced tea. Helps me feel relaxed and in control of my day. So yummy!

Jeffrey D.

As a mother of two young children, Chocolate Energy bites has helped me keep up with my busy schedule. I have given up caffeine being it affects my sleep. I take 2 bites during mid-day and I feel refreshed and ready to go, without the jitters!

Danika H.