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A LetterTo You

Traveling the world, the promise and mystery of Chinese medicine has intrigued and fascinated us. Visiting Asia more and more, we became accustomed to the wellness rituals of the East such as using traditional Chinese herbs which was not easily accessible to us in the West.

Cokare was born. We set out on a mission to bring high quality, potent, curated Chinese remedies to the world so that everyone can easily reap the amazing health benefits. Demystifying this centuries-old-approach of health & prevention & pushing it towards the future by combining the concept into everyday life. Cokare's Eastern traditions combined with Western lifestyle & cultural sensibilities makes centuries ancient remedies adapted to today.

Whether you are looking to maintain your health or just curious about improving it, Cokare opens the door to the vast knowledge and tradition of Chinese herbal remedies, bridging the gap between mind body and spirit, East and West.

We hope you will find these remedies as delightful as we do.

Susy, Sabrina & Vicky, Co-Founders


Cokare is a mission led wellness brand & platform rooted in Chinese medicine. Our mission is to demystify & modernize Chinese medicine and make it available to the West, providing an alternative to the current prescription culture.

A New TwistOn Traditional Remedies


Our herbal blends are made in collaboration with nutritionists, herbalists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners


Pure, superior, wild harvested ingredients that are rigorously selected, efficacious, safe & tested


Our Cokare Academy was created to help you understanding the richness


We believe in science and only use ingredients that have prior testing & substantiation


We are passionate and conscious about reducing the impact that we make on our Earth and strive to make a positive change. We are committed to creating and producing 100% sustainable herbal products from the ingredients and formulation to the packaging.

Conscious Care A Holistic Range of Herbal Remedies

ThirdParty Testing

Guaranteed quality and potency. We ensure the quality of our products by testing every single batch. We test for heavy metals, pesticides, microbes & potency. Our third party laboratories are certified and accredited.

Our Ingredients

We source globally with great care for our ingredients that are grown on family-owned responsible farms in the native growing locations.

Our herbs are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides following the practice of growing sustainably for the next season and next generation. Working with traditional Chinese herbalists & practitioners, we test our ingredients and formulas to ensure that they are pure, potent, and effective, free of toxic preservatives, additives, fillers, dyes, and sugars.

Our product manufacturing follows strict manufacturing (GMP) guidelines and Quality Assurance Testing at every step.


We use sustainable materials whenever possible, that are ethically sourced and proven to be safe for the environment. Our purchasing office in China conducts supplier audits, screening our vendors for sustainable practices to ensure that what is good for you in also good for the planet and communities.

Our glass bottle is violet miron, which is both recyclable and maintains the integrity & freshness of the contents inside. Our box is recyclable and is printed on FSC Certified paper stock. FSC is considered the most rigorous, credible forest certification system available, promoting environmentally sound,socially beneficial, and economically prosperous management of the world's forest.

Our Products

Our approach is simple, utilize powerful, natural, time-tested ingredients rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine and formulate them using modern science.

Our rage of herbal blends are formulated based on thousands of years of proven results. Mindfully selected, organic functional mushrooms & adaptogenic herbs are rigorously selected and tested for safety and purity. Blending tradition and science, we develop herbal remedies made in collaboration with with top-level nutritionists, herbalists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Our products are developed with daily habitsin mind, integrating preventative health and self-care into daily life.

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