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Functional mushrooms, also referred to as medicinal mushrooms, are superfoods that have been used in various forms of herbal medicine around the world for thousands of years. They are not psychedelics, and they won't get you high. Their popularity has grown because of the way their activity in the human body targets the physiological dysfunctions that are the root causes of disease.

If you have a medical condition, including autoimmune disease or a history of blood clot problems, please consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking our products.

Adaptogens are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine because they work by helping you regain lost balance and can buffer the stress response when it becomes harmful. Our response is what can cause illness, therefore soothing the overreaction to stress is building up your resilience. 

No. These are medicinal mushrooms. You will not feel high from them, just healthier.

All of our products list a recommended dose on the packaging. You could consider starting there to see how you respond, then consider higher doses depending on professional advice from your health care provider. Keep in mind that the potential health benefits tend to show themselves with sustained, continued use over the course of time. There are also some people who notice positive effects right away and some take weeks. Keep in mind that we are all different and respond in different ways to functional mushroom supplement use. We always recommend finding what works best for you, as we are not medical professionals, we do encourage seeking guidance from a medical professional. 

We only use the mature mushroom fruiting body (not the young fruiting body). No mycelium is used.

The mushroom itself is the "fruiting body", much like the apple from an apple tree. Fruiting bodies contain no fillers and are high in nutrients. Mycelium is what is found underground, which consist of delicate branching hyphae, a bit like the root system of a tree. Most commercial brands grow their mushrooms indoors on grain such as rice & oat and use the mycelium part of the mushroom. The mycelium contains impurities along with being inseparable from the grains, leading to high amounts of starch and does not store many nutrients or Beta-glucans. Beware of companies using buzz words such as "full spectrum" or "mycelial biomass", which is basically another name for myceliated grain. 

We believe in quality first. It is a bit of an obsession.

We vet each and every product for ingredient safety and personally use each remedy to ensure it is effective before offering it to you. We have a dedicated sourcing and supply chain management team and office located in Yiwu, China one of the top international trade cities in China. We test for: Aflatoxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Microbiological Data. We also obtain fingerprint chromatography for each of our herbs, this ensures each herb is correctly identified as the species. We source our raw materials from organic farms that do not use pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and other artificial additives.  For every batch of product, we have a COA (Certificates of Analysis) and run third-party testing for not just purity but potency. Our third party laboratories are certified and accredited and follow the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) guidelines for heavy metals.

Our products are packaged in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities.

Our mushrooms are cultivated in small family-owned farms that are in the deep mountains with lots of fresh air and clean water along with strict quality control measures following organic & Dao Di concept.  They are grown the way nature intended on multi generation family farms who harness the knowledge and expertise required to produce only the best mushrooms and herbs. The methods used has been known for centuries. Our mushrooms mainly grow on hardwood, but this ultimately depends on the species. Each mushroom is either grown on logs or wood dust. All of our mushrooms are organic.

DaoDi is the traditional Chinese concept of sourcing tonic herbs from their authentic true source and habitat. Particular attention is given to cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques and methods. Herbs that are grown in one geographical region differ greatly from herbs grown in another region. These factors lead to the best quality herbs that are clinically effective.  Our mushrooms are both Organic and Dao Di. 

Yes our mushroom elixirs are USDA organic certified. Our Reishi Spore Oil is organic meeting organic standards. 

Yes, all of our products are vegan and not tested on animals.

Yes, our mushrooms are gluten-free

Yes. We are 100% committed to delivering quality, potency, and safe products. We rigorously test every ingredient and final product at leading independent labs to ensure quality, purity, and safety. We test for microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides, and potency. 

There are lots of different beneficial compounds in mushrooms, but the main ones that we extract and test for are beta-d glucan and triterpene. The compounds is what makes the mushroom 'functional'. Each functional mushroom has a slightly different set of action in the body in addition to anti-oxidant, immune boosting, and balancing benefits.  

The level of the compounds can be found on the fact panel which is double verified by our third party laboratories. 

Triterpenoids is the main active constituent of our Organic Reishi Spore Oil. Widely studied with many clinical studies*, it is known to exhibit a multitude of health benefits such as: protecting the liver, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, heart strengthening, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, hormone balancing, aid in digestion. 

*Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi or Reishi) A Medicinal Mushroom.

Our Adaptogen Mushroom Elixirs contain verified levels of beta-glucans which is the most well-researched medically active compound in mushrooms, known to be crucial in staying healthy. The body does not produce beta-glucans naturally, and must get it through nutrition, yeast, algae, bacteria, and fungi. Beta-glucans act as immunomodulators, making your immune system more efficient as well as helping to fight viruses. Beta-glucans have been used in Japan as an immune system stimulant to help fight cancer. Other therapeutic benefits include reducing in cholesterol and LDL.  

Where are your mushrooms sourced?

After a year of research and hundreds of herbs/mushrooms tested & tasted we arrived at the region where mushrooms are natively grown. Working with traditional Chinese herbalists & practitioners, we found the perfect supply chain of small farms in China.

China has a rich history with the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms that spans thousands of years. The use of medicinal mushrooms in China is not a trend or a fad but a way of life. Our mushrooms are grown on family-owned responsible farms where our China sourcing office frequently visits. Working with small family-owned farms along with state-of-the-art research laboratories allows us to offer you pure, potent, and efficacious remedies. We have developed a deep relationship with our growing partners, ensuring quality and integrity in every step of the process.


Organic Lion's Mane

Source: Longquan County, Zhejiang Province, China

Organic Agaricus

Source: Shangri-la, Yunnan Province, China

Organic Reishi 

Source: The Dabie Mountains, China

Organic Cordyceps

Source: Gutian County, Fujian Province, China

Organic Shiitake

Source: Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province, China

Organic Chaga

Source: Siberia, Russia

Organic Turkey Tail

Source: Greater Khingan Range, China

The expiry date will be found stamped on the packaging. To preserve freshness, keep product away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. Seal and close the packaging after each use. Keep at room temperature.

The ideal amount of mushrooms one should consume each day depends on the general health status and individual health goals. For overall everyday support, 1 gram of a Adaptogen Mushroom Elixir should be adequate and 1ml of Reishi Spore Oil. Our mushrooms are much more concentrated and therefore more effective, so 1 gram/1 ml of herbal supplement is effective for overall daily wellness. Of course, if you are struggling with a more specific imbalance in the body or have been inundated with excess stress, you may need extra support, and therefore a higher dose would be needed. 

Although mushrooms are food and should generally be considered safe for kids, we recommend that you consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before providing our products to children.

We recommend you consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking any new supplement during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

This is slightly different for everybody, depending on whether your body is familiar with adaptogens and medicinal herbs or not. As a general rule with many supplements, your body will take 2 weeks - 1 month to naturally adapt. We ask that you wait this long to see the transformative effects of your Cokare products.

We are passionate and conscious about reducing the impact that we make on our Earth and strive to make a positive change. We are committed to creating and producing 100% sustainable herbal supplements.  We have also partnered with the to offset the carbon footprint of our internal operations. 

We use sustainable materials whenever possible, that are ethically sourced and proven to be safe for the environment. Our purchasing office in China conducts supplier audits, screening our vendors for sustainable practices to ensure that what is good for you in also good for the planet and communities.

Our pillars of sustainable packaging:

  1. Source reduction. Use packaging with less material, that is efficient
  2. Recycled content. Use materials from waste material
  3. Material use. Limit materials that are difficult to recycle
  4. Use material that is biodegradable and compostable when possible

Our environmentally conscious packaging is:

  • Glass bottles are made of bio-energetic violet glass that not only helps preserve the precious oils but preserves the energy stored in the formulation from degrading. 
  • Labels made with material that can be recycled
  • Our box is recyclable and is printed on FSC Certified paper stock. ? 

FSC is considered the most rigorous, credible forest certification system available, promoting environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous management of the world?s forest. Its chain-of-custody (COC) certification process traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain, verifying that FSC-certified material is identified or separated from non-certified material throughout. ? 

  • Wrapping material and boxes are made of kraft paper

Although mushrooms are food and should generally be considered safe, we do not recommend our products for test being they have not been tested for their use.  

Working with traditional Chinese herbalists & practioners, our Reishi Spore Oil is grown on family-owned responsible farms in the native growing location where Reishi thrives, the Dabie Mountains in Jinzhai Country, a specific region in China. Specific hardwood logs are buried in mineral rich and nutrient dense soil, and then a tent is built over it to control the air, water, humidity, and temperature. Establishing the optimal conditions helps to produce the highest quality Reishi. The Reishi is grown in the Springtime and harvested in the Fall.  

Once the reishi reaches maturity, the spores, which are the seeds are harvested. Each Reishi produces millions of spores which appear like cocoa powder all over the fruiting body. The spores are collected but cannot be used in the raw state because they contain an impermeable cell wall that humans cannot digest. The spores are "cracked" allowing the material inside to be extracted. We use a proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction technology to preserve the delicate oil. This no heat method uses no water, alcohol, or solvents, providing a bio-available, easy to digest, potent stable oil. 

Reishi Spore Oil is VERY concentrated. It has been determined that the spore oil is hundreds of times more immunologically potent than the Reishi mushroom, already one of the most powerful immune tonics in the world. Reishi Spore Oil contains the highest concentration of triterpenoids.

Place one dropper full (1ml) in mouth. Hold for 30 seconds, then swallow. 1-2 times daily as needed. May be added to your water, coffee, tea, or smoothie.

Our Reishi Spore Oil is unflavored. It is paired with powerful adaptogens Licorice Oil and Ginger Oil, giving the oil a spicy sweet taste.  

The extraction ratio of each medicinal mushroom extract identifies how much dried mushroom was used to create the serving you receive.  For instance, a 15:1 extract means 15 kg of dried mushroom fruiting bodies was used to yield 1kg of extract.  

Organic Reishi Ratio: 16:1

Organic Chaga Ratio: 11:1

Organic Turkey Tail Ratio: 10:1 

Organic Cordyceps Ratio: 10:1

Organic Shiitake Ratio: 10:1

Organic Lion's Mane Ratio: 12:1

Organic Agaricus Ratio: 10:1

Dry mushroom fruiting body is grinded to a fine powder. A hot water and alcohol extraction method is used to release the bioactive compounds from the powder and remove any unwanted impurities. This decoction is then spray dried down into a potent extract, with all the beneficial compounds from the original dried mushrooms.  This elixir powder is then tested for active compounds and purity and ready to be packaged.

Add 1/2 teaspoon (1 grams) of our Adaptogen Mushroom Elixir to your favorite juice, smoothie, tea, coffee, eggs, oatmeal, soup, dip, or salad dressing. You can also add it to recipes, such as baked goods. Each serving provides 1,000mg of fruiting body mushroom elixir blend. 

Our Elixirs are unflavored, and each has its own distinct, pleasant, natural, "earthy" flavor. Unflavored means the elixir can be added to any drink or recipe without an overpowering taste. 

Yes, we enjoy using 2 a time. 

Convenient disposable patch last for up to 6 hours.

Our herbal blends follow the EU supplement law which is one of the strictest in the world as well as adhering to the FDA's rules and guidelines for dietary supplements and follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Our facility in Barcelona is a licensed facility for food and nutritional products. Our License # Nº RGSEAA 26.022011/B means that we are properly registered to the Spanish government health registry and we comply with the food and health regulations guaranting therefore the optimal state and quality of our goods.


We're highly committed to providing high quality, safe products through proper sourcing and rigorous testing.


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