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Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is the
Basis Of TCM

TCM is a philosophy focused on prevention of disease - not letting yourself go until a problem arises. It is more than just a medicine; it is a way of life. Learn more

It is proven. TCM's effectiveness has been proven through clinical studies and has recently been accepted by western medicine as health care practitioners turn to this age-old practice and its herbal remedies. Learn more

It is wholistic. TCM is considered a medicine of bioenergy, with tools such as; acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, massage, meditation and relaxation exercise with results of correction of the imbalance of the yin (deficient) and yang (abundant) forces Learn more

Where East
Meets West

Have you ever wondered why we rely on potentially harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients to maintain our body's health? We have.

We believe that today's most common health problems can be solved with ingredients found right in nature. That is why we've turned to the all-natural holistic treatment knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

We know that the East-West translation is difficult, that is why we have taken the guesswork out by providing proprietary blends of therapeutic herbs to address symptoms, naturally, safely and effectively.Learn more

A New Twist OnTraditional Remedies

Our approach is simple, utilize powerful, natural, time-tested ingredients rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and formulate them using modern science. We recognize the wisdom of Chinese medicine and set out to revolutionizing the experience by demystifying and modernizing it for you.

Our mission is to preserve ancient traditional remedies and adapt them to modern times.

a new twist on traditional remedies