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Online Purchase with processed valid payment
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180 Day(s)
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Percent of Sale
Base Commission:
10% commission on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns)
Payment Method:
Venmo, eCheck, Bank Transfer
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Bank Wire Transfer Threshold:
Payment Details:
Commissions are payable only after a 30 day clearing period for sales. This helps to ensure that orders are not returned or cancelled after commissions are paid.
Statment of Integrity:
We do not condone any fraud, negative marketing, or any activity that is not in accordance with the FTC's guidelines and regulations on affiliate marketing.
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TheBottom Line

Our goal at Cokare is to create a community of like-minded passionate people that recognize the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine; aligning with our mission. As an affiliate you can easily earn rewards by sharing our story with your audience.


Our cookie duration is a massive 180 days. That means that if you refer traffic and they purchase any time in a 6 month window, that sale will be attributed to you and you will receive the commission for the referral.


We offer our customers a 20% discount for subscribing to a monthly delivery of any of our products. Commissions for affiliate referred subscription sales will be paid residually for the life of the subscription. That means money in your pocket month after month!


We are not a discount brand. Our premium, organic ingredients, judicious testing, 100% recyclable shipping materials, Ultra-Violet Glass does not allow us the margins to steeply discount. We offer customers 10% OFF of their first order for joining our mailing list and may periodically run specials.

Check out more details below and submit an application today! We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

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