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The Science


As an integral part of primary healthcare for nearly one quarter of the world's population, TCM has been gaining acceptance and popularity with Western health care practitioners and consumers alike.

We are feeling the momentum! Its effectiveness has been proven in areas as diverse as nausea, ophthalmology, substance abuse, neurology, gynecology, asthma and gastrointestinal problems such as IBS.

More specifically, the WHO has accepted its efficacy for treating certain conditions and included a chapter of a new version of the International Classification of Diseases on TCM for the very first time.


After a year of research and hundreds of herbs tested and tasted, Cokare was born.

Our research includes visits to remote villages and science labs alike. Working with small family-owned farms along with innovative medical research & technology organization to offer you clean, consistent and efficacious remedies.

In rural Chinese communities we learn about practical applications for herbs, but in the lab, we take an exhaustive approach to understanding the best potent ingredients, making them clean, bioavailable, reproducible, and easy to incorporate into your daily life.

We utilize advanced extraction techniques to process raw herbs into clean and potent liquids with high bio-availability, purity and concentration.

Our Quality Assurance

We believe quality first. We are obsessive about every ingredient and product. Vetting each and every product for ingredient safety and then personally using each remedy to ensure its effectiveness before offering it to you. Everything starts with working with the best partners, ensuring our Quality Assurance by:

Dedicated sourcing and finding the best partners with proper certifications.

Certificates and well-maintained records from the suppliers, manufacturers and third-party labs.

Other testing such as: efficacy, sensory, microbial, heavy metal, pesticides.

We evaluate ingredients by taking a deeper dive into details such as the role it serves in a formulation and/or how it is sourced and produced. We avoid ingredients that are too aggressive, unnecessary, and most importantly are not proven by science.

Our mission is to preserve ancient traditional remedies and adapt them to modern times.

a new twist on traditional remedies