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The Balance Of Yin And Yang

BY: Prof. Lui

The well-known Yin Yang symbol is represented by a spherical unit divided by two halves, forces of two opposite polarities, but at the same time, complementary and interdependent.  Coexistence and harmony in a constant flow of these two forces represents balance.

Yin and Yang are not two static energies, they are continuously flowing and transforming from one to the other.

Yang represents the sun of the day, which emits light and heat, is formless, transparent, and intangible, and tends to ascend.

Yin represents the moon of the night, cold and dark. All Yin elements have form, are tangible and material, and tend to descend.

Not everything in this world, of course, is black or white; there are a wide range of colors between these two extremes. If the day is Yang, then what about the dawn? Sunrise is at the edge of the box plot, it is the moment when the night is abandoned, the sun is about to rise, but the sky is still a bit dark, there is some Yang inside the Yin.

Regarding us, the human being, Yin is mostly present in women, and Yang in men. The fusion between the mother's egg (Yin) and the father's sperm (Yang) will result in the conception of a new life. This new life is integrally composed of body, mind, and spirit, with the feet on the ground and the mind connecting to the sky. The ancient Chinese believe that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, and that life is the axis connecting the three levels of body-mind-spirit, while the human being is the creature that interacts between sky and earth.

In more detail, men are Yang and women are Yin. And among us, thin people are Yang and heavier people are Yin; extroverts are Yang and introverts are Yin; temperamental people are Yang, calm and unchanging people are Yin; those who are more spiritual are Yang and those who are more materialistic are Yin. In short, everyone is different, they have their own Yin Yang, humanity is the ocean made up of different drops of water, living in a multicolored world.

As we can see, Yin Yang is present in all aspects of nature and is essential to understand its functioning. The same happens with our body, which is considered by Daoists as a miniature universe, which maintains the balance between Yin and Yang is the key to staying healthy. 

The Balance Of Yin And Yang

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