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The Art of
living in health
This introductory course to Traditional Chinese Medicine will teach you the fundamentals necessary to embark on a new journey of wellness and professional possibilities.
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Chinese Medicine has long been considered as the quintessence of Chinese culture. It has done a great contribution to the survival and health maintenance of Chinese people through thousands of years. Today it is still playing a distinctive role in health care system, increasingly recognised for its natural, holistic concept and clinical effects. Cokare has created this self study TCM course for you to understand, through 10 modules, how this long tradition seeks to preserve the health of people and how to make the first step towards becoming a TCM Wellness Coach.
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Multiple languages English, Spanish
Week 1
 Total time: 1 Hour
Module 1
Traditional Chinese Medicine, from past to future
  1. Ancient and completely valid in the light of science
  2. Important axioms of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  3. The Taoist origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  4. Inspire the future - Integrative Medicine
  5. The WHO favors the East-West encounter
Module 2
Yin-Yang and the Five Elements Outline
  1. The principle of Yin and Yang
  2. The five elements and their connection to the human body
  3. The big family
  4. Psyche and soma, never one without the other
Week 1
 Total time: 1 Hour
Week 1
 Total time: 2 Hours
Module 3
Qi, meridian system and the 5 vital substances
  1. Qi, vital energy
  2. Xue, blood
  3. JIn Ye, bodily fluids
  4. Shen, psyche
  5. Jing, essence
  6. Meridian system
  7. Diagnosis based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
Module 4
Wood element, the excesses that lead to illness
  1. Spring, wind, and childhood
  2. Internal organs: Liver and gallbladder
  3. Flexible like bamboo
  4. Imbalances due to stress and excesses
Week 2
 Total time: 1 Hour
Week 2
 Total time: 1 Hour
Module 5
Element of fire, joy, and heartfelt love
  1. Summer, heat, and adolescence
  2. Internal organs: heart and small intestine
  3. Fire therapy, moxibustion, the healing fire
  4. Joy and heartfelt love
Module 6
Earth element, digestive health and double "T"
  1. Interseason, humidity and adulthood
  2. Internal organs: stomach, spleen and pancreas
  3. Interseason treatment: the art of living in health
  4. Digestive health and double "T"
  5. Earth therapy: Tuina, the Chinese therapeutic massage
Week 2
 Total time: 1 Hour
Week 3
 Total time: 1 Hour
Module 7
Metal element, the second brain and immunity
  1. Autumn, dryness and maturity
  2. Internal organs: lung and large intestine
  3. Intestine, microbiota and second brain
  4. Metal Therapy: acupuncture
Module 8
The Water Element: the importance of preserving this essence
  1. Winter, coldness and wisdom
  2. Internal organs: the kidneys and bladder
  3. Water therapy: Qi Gong, the Supreme Medicine
  4. Advice for restful sleep
Week 3
 Total time: 1 Hour
Week 3
 Total time: 2 Hours
Module 9
Cosmetic Chinese medicine: health at first sight
  1. Healthy inside, beautiful outside
  2. Brain-intestine-skin axis
  3. Facelift with acupuncture
  4. Vacuum therapy, facial cupping
  5. Body treatment, cellulite and localised fat
  6. Weight loss with Chinese Medicine
Module 10
Phytotherapy: natural plants at the forefront of biological medicine
  1. Ranking of foods according to their Yin-Yang nature
  2. Ranking of foods according to the five colours
  3. Ranking of foods according to the five flavours
  4. To each season, its food
  5. Water, the forgotten nutrient
  6. The psyche of eating
  7. Slow food and good nutritional advice
Week 4
 Total time: 2 Hours
Week 4
 Total time: 2 Hours
Module 11
Diet Therapy: eating healthily
  1. History of Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy
  2. Li Shizhen, the father. of Chinese Phytotherapy
  3. Principles of Chinese Phytotherapy
  4. The four natures
  5. The five flavours
  6. Therapeutic actions
  7. Principles and the 8 Methods
  8. The master formulas
  9. Mycotherapy, therapeutic properties of medical mushrooms and fungi
  10. Artemisia: a plant that won a Nobel prize
Module 12
Tao, Chinese Medicine and the Secrets of Longevity
  1. Tao, the path
  2. "Tian Ren He Yi", the man between heaven and earth
  3. The secrets of longevity
  4. Healthy life tips and a gift phrase
Week 4
 Total time: 1 Hour
Once you complete your course you will receive your Cokare Diploma. You can print it, share it in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, or other documents
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