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Herbal Booster for Your
 Mood  Mind  Skin
 Mood  Mind  Skin
Instant herbal powders contain potent adaptogens and herbs that targets stress helping you improve your mental state, your mind and beauty. SO LONG STRESS!
Herbal Booster for Calm
24.00 €
Herbal Booster for Beauty
24.00 €
Herbal Booster for Focus
24.00 €
Meets Tradition

Adaptogens aren't new. They are herbs and mushrooms that have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for supporting the body's resistance to stress, regulating energy, mood, and the nervous system.
Herbal Boosters are Qi tonics that contain rejuvenating herbs that help to restore the body's qi or 'vitality' and normalize physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. In Eastern medicine, the 'whole person' rather than a singular disease is the focus. Adaptogens act on the whole body helping to reduce the severity of our response to stress, improve our hability to adapt to stressors, and normalize the imbalances brought about by the stress response.

Today scientific research is catching up with ancient tradition, validating their use and benefits. Scientific Studies:
Adaptogens from traditional use to medical systems.
Study on adaptogens and their bioactivity.
Sophia C
Super Chill is helps me sleep though the entire night, something I have not done is years. I wake up refreshed, ready to take on the world! Thank you!
Meg B
I can't recommend enough. This is the first product of Cokare I have tried and it simply wonderful. I cannot wait for you to come out with other flavors!
Joanne D
I drink a cup of Super Chill before a big presentation or meeting. It helps me stay focused, calm, cool and collected.
Janine A
My friend recommended I try Super Chill to help me with my hormone imbalance and sleeplessness. I was reluctant thinking nothing would help other than a doctor's prescription. Happily, I followed my friend's orders and within the 3rd day I was sleeping more soundly and longer time spans. I feel human again. Rest is so important!