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BY: Marisa Aguirre Marcori

Skin care is a synergy between what we eat, think, breathe and how well we treat ourselves.

The skin is a huge and complex organ that constantly adapts to our external environment; seasonal changes, wind, sun, pollution and also to our inner state: food, stress, hormones, or sleep; everything influences and can be seen externally. Every skin is unique and reflects the functioning of our internal metabolism and also our emotions.

We strive to find creams, serums, or oils that work wonders, but the solution comes from within: from the care and the attention we pay to our digestive system.   experts agree that beauty begins in the gut.

The intestine-skin axis is nothing new for Traditional Chinese Medicine where the health of this organ is connected to everything and its proper functioning depends not only on a good anti-inflammatory diet but also on how we manage stress.

Think of your skin in each bite

With the help of nutricosmetics we no longer settle for amazing ingredients in topical products: we can eat them!

With vibrant (alive) foods, loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, healthy fats, water and essential nutrients: our body will show its gratitude visibly through its largest organ: "our skin". Eating more fruits and vegetables helps fight dull skin and fine lines of expression.

Foods that cause inflammation are called pro-aging foods; especially sugar. It has been shown that it is one of the most harmful ingredients for the skin, it produces a reaction called glycation that slows down the formation of collagen and weakens it. Gluten is converted into sugar much faster than anything else in the body and in addition to increasing insulin levels, this process has a direct impact on collagen levels. Dairy and alcohol also negatively affect the skin if we consume them in excess.

 Do not skip the daily care ritual

Beauty rituals have magical powers and do not consist only of beautifying yourself from an external look; They give us a very comforting dose of care, attention and pampering. Its benefits are immense; from a brighter outer skin to an inner feeling of confidence and emotional well-being.

 True glamor is transmitting the inner glow through the face.

The essentials:

- Facial cleansing: morning and night with natural ingredients, free of toxins and suitable for each skin.

-Facial self-massage: it is a therapeutic practice that improves circulation, illuminates and firms the face and helps reduce tension, headaches or bruxism. They only take  a few minutes but go a long way.  A massage accompanied with oils, gua sha, facial brushes or other interesting accessories.

-Sleep well: a good rest reduces dark circles, bags and wrinkles. During sleep, collagen and elastin are produced, giving skin its firmness and elasticity. Relaxing routines such as self-massage, a hot bath, using essential oils or herbal infusions and adaptogenic mushrooms promote sleep.

Smile daily

It is a gesture that improves our present moment and a wonderful exercise to relax our expression.It consists of raising the corners of the mouth and maintaining a smiling gesture for three breaths. Repeating this practice several times a day sends a message of joy to the brain, activates relaxation and opens the heart. It is a popular ritual in Taoist practice that can be done adopted as a daily ritual.



Adaptogenic mushrooms: Tremella, Reishi or Chaga are powerful moisturizing, soothing and protective supplements for the skin, rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help prevent aging and strengthen the skin barrier. 

Our instant GET GLOWING blend of adaptogens and the pure oil of Reishi spores nourish and care for your skin from the inside out.

3g per sachet/20 sachets per box
Herbal Booster Get Glowing

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