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Why do we stress?

BY: Marisa Aguirre Marcori

 Let's see the origin of the word: Stress, comes from the Latin "stringere" which means: to harden, press, tense... It is a vital mechanism, almost impossible and unnecessary to completely eliminate. When we feel stress, hormones such as adrenaline are released, which improves alertness and performance. This response helps us to focus, be more efficient, and even more creative. 

Although it is hard to believe: ?Stress is not a bad thing in itself. What we must avoid is keeping ourselves in a situation of permanent stress."

It becomes a problem when it becomes chronic, sustained over time, and when instead of dealing with what stresses us out, we let the thoughts, feelings, or ailments it generates settle constantly. That is when it begins to affect our physical and emotional health. 

Our bodies are designed to release the hormone cortisol when faced with stress, although maintaining high cortisol levels for a long time has been shown to affect not only our immunity but almost all physiological systems.

Why do we stress?

Strategies to reduce chronic stress:


Giving a name to what stresses us out and causes anxiety (work, people, situations...), is the way to recognize what triggers discomfort and in this way it is easier to control it and find the tools to better manage it. In a stressful situation, each person reacts according to their physical and emotional baggage. 

Slow Down/Relax: 

Emotional neutrality is an almost unattainable state; although there are daily practices that help us get closer to it by listening to our body and its sensations. Practice the exercise of being in the present (less subject to the future or past), breathing, doing brief meditations, taking walks in nature and giving our mind a necessary rest.


Stress gets stuck in the body and that where its effects manifest; digestive discomfort, headaches, back pain and more. There is certainly a nutritional connection and stress what we eat and how we eat it is important. We need a diet that calms and protects our nervous system and avoids inflammation as a factor that stresses our body. Fresh foods packed with enzymes, probiotics, magnesium, potassium, vitamins, and amino acids. 


You have to be aware of what we do to the body with our thoughts in order to change perspective, response or reaction to a situation that overwhelms us. For this it is important to work on our own negative or limiting feelings. Avoid being too hard on ourselves since self-demand is part of the stress that we inflict on ourselves daily.

Why do we stress?

Recommended Supplementation

Extensive medical and therapeutic research suggests that one of the most powerful approaches to lowering cortisol levels to treat chronic stress is supplementation with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, which increase the body's resistance to physical and emotional stress. 

By incorporating adaptogens into your daily habits will help manage how you respond to the daily stress of modern life. This simple habit will do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing. Our adaptogen supplements are high quality, pure and easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Why do we stress?

Marisa Aguirre Marcori

Marisa is Naturopath specializing in nutritional and emotional wellness. She brings extensive experience in a wide variety of alternative therapies such as energy and nutrition coaching, Bach flower, tapping, menopause, detox and psychodietary counseling. She is a published author "Super Soups", and lecturer.

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