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BY: Marisa Aguirre Marcori

January symbolizes the beginning of new purposes, new habits, and most importantly, new goals for greater self-care. 

The first weeks of the year are ideal for detoxifying your body, by reducing or abstaining from excess sugar, fat, alcohol and even stress, which was accumulated during winter celebrations and holidays. 

The body asks us for a truce, to resume simple and balanced meals and to use the necessary nutrients to stimulate cleansing. The goal is to feel better and for that, we need to implement small changes in our routines, such as: Reduce the consumption of foods such as; dairy, gluten and sugars along with coffee and alcohol for a few days. It is a very good opportunity to observe how our body reacts to those change , and to understand and identify which foods increase our energy and clear our mind and which foods do the opposite. 

 You only need follow a few simple tips that will make it easier to get through winter in an optimal way, and to consciously use the best nutrients and supplements to bring energy to your body and create a resilient mind.

Hydration comes first

Drink a glass of slightly warm lemon water in the morning, it promotes hydration and stimulates digestion throughout the day. Drink enough water during the day, it is an essential habit to help the liver and kidneys filter and eliminate toxins. Cokare's herbal and mushroom infusions are great in that aspect, Super Chill and Get Glowing have perfect combinations to keep the metabolism active, improve sleep and at the same time stimulate the digestive fire during the cold months. 

Eat foods that enhance purification

Mushrooms are nutrients that help the digestive system and especially the liver. They contain a wide variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, phenolic acids, enzymes, group B vitamins, minerals and beta-glucan polysaccharides that deliver great benefits effect on tissues and functions. Mushrooms have antioxidant, prebiotic, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective (compounds that help prevent damage to the liver) benefits. They not only reduce oxidation, but they also help eliminate toxins.

The mixtures and synergies of medicinal mushrooms in Cokare's Adaptogen Elixirs Immunity, Focus or Energy are ideal.


Enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits 

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available at certain seasons for a reason... they are what we need most in the particular season. Winter vegetables and fruits include; berries, pears, beets, pumpkins, chard, cabbage, artichokes, sweet potatoes, peas, spinach, escarole or broccoli and all the others. Gently cooked, to preserve vitamins and minerals; they can be steamed, baked, in light stir-fried, raw in salads, or made into soups. Add a serving Adaptogen Mushroom Elixir to your preparations, for a healthier meal and great source of adaptogens. 

Practice dry brushing

The skin is one of the main detoxification organs, dry brushing improves circulation and stimulates the flow of lymph. The best time to dry brush is right before your shower.


Give yourself a break, find space to relax and to find the inner you.

 Breathe, lie on the floor or on the bed, put one hand on the abdomen and the other on the chest and breathe calmly for a few minutes. Lift the corners of your mouth as if you are about to smile. Bring your knees to your chest and hug them, inhale through your nose and then slowly exhale through your mouth, noticing how the air circulates through the entire spine. Repeat it for a couple of minutes. This could be a great morning routine to help you to start a great day


Marisa Aguirre Marcori

Marisa is Naturopath specializing in nutritional and emotional wellness. She brings extensive experience in a wide variety of alternative therapies such as energy and nutrition coaching, Bach flower, tapping, menopause, detox and psychodietary counseling. She is a published author "Super Soups", and lecturer.

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