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BY: Marisa Aguirre Marcori

Spring is a time to nurture, action and change. Do not let the initial fatigue set in and prevent you from enjoying all the good things this moment brings.


It is interesting that while nature awakens with great force of new life, in some people this new beginning causes tiredness, difficulty concentrating, irritability or even sadness. It is normal for this to happen during the first weeks, everything moves with more intensity and is a period of adjustment to so many new stimuli after winter. 

The causes that create this feeling of fatigue and lethargy are various and diverse and are fundamental with everything that is Spring around us:


  • Increase in daylight hours: this physical reality causes changes and influences the balance of our hormones, blood circulation and our metabolism. They are temporary adaptation processes that require extra energy. 
  • Changes in hormones, we know that they control many essential processes, from environmental changes to sleep (melatonin), vital energy, hunger, or mood. Getting enough sleep and exercising is one of the best therapies to regulate hormones naturally during this period. 
  • Decrease in oxygen levels can cause a slowdown in functions and blood circulation, generating fatigue and a lack of concentration. We are coming out of a hibernation state and need to spend more time moving and being outdoors to improve body oxygenation. 
  • Weakening of the immune system that translates into tiredness or discouragement. How quickly you overcome it will depend on the work you have done during the winter and the general physical state with which you begin this transition.   
  • Increased sensitivity of the liver and gallbladder: in Traditional Chinese Medicine these are the organs that govern Spring and are in charge of managing toxins and promoting cleanliness. The liver can also be felt in our emotions, its overload or decrease is noticed in greater irritability and anger or decay. Tension in the neck and shoulders or digestive discomfort show an imbalance.


  • Rest more.
  • Eat fresh and seasonal foods.
  • Fast one day a week with only liquids or vegetables. Spring is the best time for a deep clean.
  • Address and face the problems, this is an excellent time to do it.
  • Increase sun exposure to recover energy and vitamin D
  • Take daily walks to oxygenate yourself and promote good sleep.
  • Hydrate yourself, it increases blood volume and helps eliminate toxins.


Adaptogenic herbal and mushroom supplements work on each of the areas that cause Spring fatigue. They promote liver detoxification, improve mood, help you regain energy and strengthen the immune system.

Our Energy Elixir is the perfect blend to give your body the benefits that it needs in the Spring season.

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