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Why Reishi Spore Oil is Worth it

BY: Camila Loew

Though Reishi comes in many forms, it is one of the medicinal mushrooms that can't be eaten as it?s found in nature; it's too hard. It must be extracted to benefit from its powers. Reishi can commonly be found as a tea or infusion, as a powder, in capsules, in tinctures, added to foods, energy drinks, and coffee blends.

Cokare's Defense & De-Stress Drops offer an unadulterated, pristinely pure alternative to Reishi in pills and powders. Our potent D&D drops are made of 100% pure Reishi spore oil, which means you will not find a more concentrated alternative to contribute to your overall health. The spore oil?s pure, concentrated format means more bang for your buck, so you won't have to be taking pill after pill (not to mention the fillers they tend to bring with them) to obtain the powerful effects Reishi has to offer.

Now you may be wondering exactly what spore oil is, and why it is superior to (and more expansive than) other formats of Reishi. We'll tell you why: spores are the form of reproduction, they are like tiny seeds the mushroom produces, which will in turn give life to new Reishi mushrooms. Like all forms of seeds (think of an egg!), spores are highly concentrated in the beneficial compounds, such as triterpenoids and polysaccharides, with all those health-improving benefits Reishi is known for.

Why Reishi Spore Oil is Worth it

On our D&D label you will see that the spore is obtained by a process called "supercritical extraction". What this means is that the spores are opened up through a process that will allow us to reap all of the benefits in a way that is bioavailable to us. Supercritical extraction is safe, and cleaner than other methods of spore oil extraction, which can use a solvent to separate the oil from the spore shell. Our spore oil is clean, safe, and so concentrated in reishi's active compounds, that you only need a fraction of the amount of other formats of Reishi to obtain the same benefits. We could use an analogy to make this clear: it's like getting all the vitamins that come in a fruit from the whole fruit versus a fruit juice that's been watered down and with added sugar. Which one do you prefer?

Cokare's D&D Drops give you all the benefits queen Reishi is known for: higher immunity, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, sleep and stress management, radiant skin- in a concentrated, pure form that's easy to swallow, with no added fillers or coating.

Has queen Reishi caught your attention yet? We certainly hope so; the Cokare team loves our D&D drops dearly, as they offer such an amazing benefit in such concentrated, tiny doses. In order to best experience the best benefits of Reishi, it is said that you need to consume it over time, at least a few months. Let the queen of medicinal mushrooms do its magic on you, and see for yourself whether you can find another supplement that so powerfully brings together such a broad array of benefits, so crucial to your wellbeing -or rather, lack thereof- in our modern day, stressed-out society.


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